Digital Surveillance

When you need protection, there are certain measures you have to take into account before you set up a Network Video Recorders (NVRs) and Digital Video Surveillance Systems. Before you decide on what software you see fit, you want to be sure that your hardware is built reliable and able to handle the application. Habey USA provides custom built systems tailored specifically  for your needs.

Why do you need Digital Surveillance?

There are many applications for NVRs. One of which is video surveillance to monitor the perimeter surrounding a campus of any kind. For example, you might want to consider security camera units around outdoor spaces in corporate, medical, retail, or academic areas to ensure a safe environment. Specifically in retail locations, such as parking lots in shopping centers, surveillance cameras can help secure the area and to keep a digital video record of all occurrences. Additionally, NVRs can aid in securing distribution centers and city infrastructure where a limited amount of personnel are present.

Our Systems are Perfect for:

  • PTZ Cameras (Pan-Tilt-Zoom)
  • Hybrid NVRs
  • IP Cameras – Centralized/Decentralized
  • Traffic Light Cameras
  • Solar Power Security Cameras
  • Video Analytics
  • CCTV

Our Products

With an assortment of different products, Habey can supply you with tough, rugged, fanless systems perfect for a Network Video Recorder application. Out products are designed with longevity and minimal maintenance in mind, keeping your total cost of ownership low.