BIS-6625 Ultra-Compact Intel Atom E6xx Fanless 3 mini-PCIe Dual SIM PC

  • Ultra-Compact Fanless PC For Space-Constrained Applications
  • VESA Mount Ready For Easy Installation And Mounting
  • Low Power Consumption And Fanless Design
  • 2 Mini-PCIe Slots and 2 SIM Card Sockets
  • VGA Supports Up To 1920×1080@50Hz
  • Supports Full High-Definition Video Hardware Decoding
  • Supports SATA, SD, CF Storage Options



In mission critical applications, reliable wireless connectivity is needed for embedded devices. Fire trucks responding to a 911 call, for example, need constant connectivity to respond in areas from suburban outskirts to urban metropolises with densely populated skyscrapers. Such emergency situations require dependable cellular connectivity and real time data to help increase relevance with a central point of control. To address the need for real time voice, video, and increasing data over a wireless network, developers can look into the ultra compact fanless PC Intel E6XX Atom Tunnel Creek platform. Taking advantage of the open PCI-Express standard architecture, this platform enables dual 3G connectivity to allow for cellular redundancy and a more pervasive network. Whether it be responding to an emergency call or streaming real time video surveillance wirelessly, the E6XX embedded platform grants greater bandwidth, consistent connection for efficient mobility.

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