POS / Self-Service Terminal

In an age of increasing competition for every retail dollar, businesses can’t afford to miss out on opportunities to increase sales and decrease costs. That’s why sales of custom Kiosks, Self-Service Terminals, and Point of Sale (POS) Systems have exploded. HABEY has the technology to help make any business successful with powerful, adaptable embedded PC and touch panel PC solutions for Kiosks, Self-Service Terminals, and POS Systems.

Kiosk PC Solutions

Kiosks present companies an opportunity to increase retail sales with low additional costs and no need for a large storefront commitment. With wireless or cellular connectivity, all weather touchscreens, and custom equipment, virtually anything can be sold from any kiosk whatsoever. Today, Kiosks sell everything from pictures to pizza – many of them entirely unstaffed except for the occasional stocker or service person.

HABEY has solutions for kiosk manufacturers and vendors who are already using kiosks in their business. Whether designed as standalone vending equipment, or product platforms in a larger storefront, HABEY has the panel PCs and fanless embedded PCs you need.

Habey USA POS/Self-Service Terminal Solutions - Embedded Industrial Computers, Fanless PCs, Industrial PCs, Embeddede Systems, Storage Array, Single Board Computers, Mini-ITX Motherboards, Panel PCs

Self-Service Terminal Solutions

Everywhere from subways to movie theaters are taking advantage of the speed, efficiency, and cost reductions afforded by self-service terminals. Like kiosks, these terminals offer a great opportunity to improve customer service and increase retail receipts without additional costs in manpower. Self-service terminals frequently differ from kiosks in that they don’t dispense products on their own, but facilitate other processes, like registering for an event, applying for a license, or submitting an order.
Self-Service Terminals are growing rapidly in businesses that are seeking ways to dedicate more manpower to product speed and accuracy, and less to customer service, like fast-food and counter serve restaurants. HABEY has embedded PC and touch screen solutions for manufacturers of self-service terminals and the companies that use them.

POS (Point of Sale) System Solutions

Even as self-service applications grow, the majority of retail transactions continue to be handled by servers and customer service reps. But the days of standard cash registers are quickly passing by. Today service reps can provide the best service when augmented by powerful, adaptable point of sale systems that can offer up unique software solutions based on a particular company’s offerings. Many point of sale systems are even mobile, going wherever the customer is, to complete transactions with efficiency.
Point of Sale systems may use anything from powerful PC systems to micro-PC boards and touchscreens in a portable system. HABEY is able to offer all of these solutions.

Kiosk and Terminal Applications

HABEY’s self-service solutions are widely used as sales registers, automated teller
machines (ATMs), vending apparatuses, lottery and ticketing terminals, in libraries and other applications.
Habey USA POS/Self-Service Terminal Solutions - Embedded Industrial Computers, Fanless PCs, Industrial PCs, Embeddede Systems, Storage Array, Single Board Computers, Mini-ITX Motherboards, Panel PCs

Other Applications Include:

• Retail Distribution Centers
• Retail Stores / Supermarkets
• Fast Food Restaurants
• Ticketing Machines
• General Checkout Stations
• ATM Machines
• In-store Kiosks
• Hotel / Concierge Desks
• Hospital & Healthcare Check-In Stations
• Voting Booths
• Thin-client Applications
• Home Automation Equipment
• Multimedia Entertainment Equipment

HABEY Products Especially for Kiosk & Terminal Applications

HABEY offers two product combinations that are ideal for any Kiosk or Terminal application. Kiosk manufacturers may choose to pair one of our powerful, slim fanless PCs, like the BIS-6862, with a touchscreen of their choice – or they may choose one of HABEY’S ready to integrate panel PCs, like the open-frame OPC-4207, which combines the fanless PC and touchscreen elements into one slim, powerful package. Either option provides plenty of computing power in an extremely adaptable package for fitting into virtually any kiosk enclosure.

HABEY PCs designed for Kiosks and Terminals include plenty of connectivity; with multiple USB, RS-232 and RJ-45 ports, for connecting external hardware like ticket printers & vending dispensers; as well as a robust design with enough processing power, input features like 4G connectivity and POE (Power Over Ethernet), and software options to work well for any application.

HABEY Smart Features

  • Industrial-grade designs: rugged, ready-to-use, and rich I/O interface.
  • Fan-less passive heat dissipation through external aluminum heat sink.
  • Modularized designs: PC, I/O, & power supply.
  • • Scalable range of CPUs from extremely small ARM System-On-A-Chip setups to powerful multi-core CPUs.
  • • Lockable, Powered USB Ports, 4G Connectivity, Power Over Ethernet, and other Essential Features.