Powerful IoT Gateway Pico-ITX Board: EMB-2200

Pico-ITX Built with NXP i.MX 6UL Power, POE Flexibility

No matter your application, from an IoT gateway to a full HMI or digital signage interface, Habey’s EMB-2200 pico-ITX board will suit your needs. The board offers support for POE (Power Over Ethernet) and a very wide temperature range to ensure easy integration anywhere. An onboard RGB display connector or available 5″ Touch Screen LCD kid complete the package for any operation.

Extremely Small Form Factor – Full Power

EMB-2200_Block_Diagram_20170907IOT and other space and power limited applications will benefit extensively from Habey’s new extremely small form factor Pico-ITX board, the EMB-2200. With a size of just 100mm x 72mm, the EMB-2200 fits in even the smallest, most constricted areas; and the system easily deals with little or no ventilation, operating in temperatures from -40 to 80°C. The small size doesn’t restrict applications, either. The board supports a variety of uses with two ethernet ports forconnectivity, dual USB ports configured to support PCIe for Cellular 3G/4G applications, CAN Bus and additional I/O headers for vehicle or other applications, and a built in RGB display and 4-wire touch interface.

The EMB-2200 has been designed expressly to support custom, embedded applications of all types. With embedded Linux support, the board is easy to configure for exotic and unique applications. The board is Power Over Ethernet (POE) ready with an available add-on module, so it can be used in devices and home or equipment automation where running cables is challenging. And with Habey’s available 5” touchpanel development kit, users can assemble complete custom HMI or automation systems quickly and easily.

Users will find plenty of power for any IOT application in the NXP i.MX 6UltraLight processor, an ARM CPU operating at speeds of up to 696 MHz. This is supported with up to 512MB of on-board DDR3L RAM, and other robust, effective board hardware. Additionally, Customers will have their choice of on board eMMC, iNAND or SLC storage for various applications.