Panel PC and HMI

Panel PC and HMI

In this day and age, we have the world at our fingertips. Everything with a display is either a touch screen or has a touch screen option. From our personal devices like smart phones and tablets, to kiosks, to POS systems and more, the touch screen is the preferred technology for our human-machine interfaces. Panel PCs and touch screen devices simply high-use systems by integrating the display and user interface. It reduces space and allows for a number of different form factors and types of devices that can be integrated into the system. Being a leader in industrial and commercial applications, Habey USA is able to provide rugged and effective panel PCs, All-in-one systems and other touch screen devices to fit all of your industrial or commercial needs.


The Intel Atom D525 Nvidia ION Touch Panel PC, the PPC-6512 is equipped with the efficient Dual Core 1.8GHz Atom and Nvidia ION GT218 graphics card with dedicated 512MB video memory. The PPC-6512 displays full screen blu-ray videos while consuming less than 30W. This green touchscreen Panel PC carries a 2.5” removable hard drive bay fastened by metallic thumb screws for easy removal and can output dual independent displays via VGA and HDMI with max resolution of up to 2560×1600.


PPC-4510 is a Freescale i.MX6 Based Panel PC system which is powered by the modular HIO Project platform. It features an embedded Linux operating system based on the Yocto Project and Qt for the front end GUI. This stripped down operating system and front end GUI makes this panel PC an ideal product for single-function applications like vending machines and control systems.