OEM and ODM Services

Your Ideal OEM and ODM Partner

As your hardware platform partner, HABEY has provided exceptional OEM and ODM design and service to high-performance and high-reliability industrial automation and embedded computing platforms since 1991. In the past 21 years, HABEY has provided the most reliable hardware system for system integration and value-added solution for numerous companies.

The majority of our projects are OEM/ODM based. Our specialty is creating custom purpose built systems for use in a number of environments.  We still have a complete line of commercial off the shelf (COTS) products to allow our existing and prospective customers to test the newest Intel platforms and technologies without needing to create a custom OEM/ODM project. Because of our manufacturing capabilities and experience, we are able to complete our custom projects much quicker than our competitors.

Habey USA OEM & ODM Services - Embedded Industrial Computers, Fanless PCs, Industrial PCs, Embeddede Systems, Storage Array, Single Board Computers, Mini-ITX Motherboards, Panel PCs

Your Ideal Original Design Manufacturing Service Provider

HABEY provides tailored ODM solutions to help our customers customize their systems according to specific requirements for different applications and their unique visions. Our ODM services provide all the benefits of the latest, most reliable technology that helps lower R&D costs, and optimizes product development.

Habey USA OEM & ODM- Fanless PCs, Industrial PCs, Embeddede Systems

Our service can help our customer introduce their products quickly, and take the advantage of marketing. No matter where you have submitted your request to HABEY by web or sales offices, HABEY will response in a timely manner, and provide local service on time.

Preeminent R&D ability

HABEY has a tight connection with World-Leading embedded frame solution providers to ensure our products are compatible with up-to-date support. From X86 platform to the latest RISC architecture, HABEY has amplified design and application deployment expertise.

Precise Mechanical Design

HABEY has the designing and manufacturing ability which provide the optimized solution for all of our customers. HABEY can turn your concept or idea to physical products quickly and efficiently.

Habey USA OEM & ODM- Fanless PCs, Industrial PCs, Embeddede Systems Custom System Design

HABEY also can design and optimize the products for our customers using custom source codes of BIOS.  HABEY uses these codes to maximize reliability and compatibility of our customers’ systems.

System Integration Ability

HABEY has many manufacturing and design facilities to serve the Industrial Computer Industry. Our facilities are monitored by a strict quality control management system to ensure the ISO9001: 2000 standards. HABEY guarantees the reliability and compatibility of every component in the entire system. HABEY can provide a seamless service from your vision to your market which is ensured by our in-depth experience and proven ability to create a successful product tailored for your application.

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