Lifecycle Management

Lifecycle Management

Embedded systems often reside in machines that are expected to run continuously for years, this brings hidden reductions of lifecycle management costs  that are often associated with deploying such embedded applications. HABEY’s embedded systems are often required to operate in harsh environments and are tested more thoroughly than personal computers. By removing unreliable moving parts and increasing temperature ratings for our on-board capacitors, HABEY’s systems offer increased life expectancy four-times the life of a personal PC, lowering manufacturing costs.Habey USA Lifecycle Management - Embedded Industrial Computers, Fanless PCs, Industrial PCs, Embeddede Systems, Storage Array, Single Board Computers, Mini-ITX Motherboards, Panel PCs

HABEY’s design and manufacturing are entirely completed in-house, which provide the most cost effective manufacturing service. Having been in the industrial PC field for several decades, quality and reliability is always the number one concern here at HABEY USA.

“[HABEY manufactures] The most reliable Industrial PC products in China” (translated from Chinese)

Longer Lifecycle

HABEY takes a practical approach towards the usage of our product’s life span. Our team is dedicated to provide your company with fully adaptable systems to avoid future compatibility issues. Additionally, we use an efficient process to ensure your purpose-built systems are fully optimized for your solutions.

Unlike personal computers that are typically available on market for 9-12 months, embedded systems are available for 5-7 years. For large systems that require a longer life span, long-term availability of an embedded system could enable one system configuration to not only save supporting costs but be used for replacements across the life of the deployment. Habey also offers extended life cycle support beyond 5-7 years for embedded processors and chipsets to help our customers reduce costs on support and maintenance.