Kaby Lake Comes to Habey’s ‘BIS’ Fanless PC Line: BIS-6862

Habey is bringing the power of Intel’s latest second edition Kaby Lake processors to the long trusted compact, family of fanless PCs. Habey’s BIS-6862 releases the week of 7/10/17, bringing the latest architectures to industries like digital signage, kiosks, network security, IoT Gateways, and other applications.

The fanless PC has been developed in 2 models – BIS-6862-i3 and  BIS-6862-i5. Each model includes a 3M Cache or 4M Cache, and supports processor speeds of up to 2.40GHz/3.10GHz/3.50GHZ in Core I3/Core i5, respectively.

Developed for longevity, compactness, and ease of operation in any environment.

As a slim, bare PC, the model features no pre-loaded OS, but will support both Windows and Linux installations. Memory and power to run exotic applications won’t be a problem, as the PC supports up to 32GB of DDR4 2133/1600 MHz Ram, and includes Intel HD 620 Graphics.

Other notable features include a Mini PCIe slot with a SIM card connector, and an external WiFi antenna connector. Customers will be able to add the WiFi unit of their choice via an onboard m.2 slot, but the external antenna connector ensures that connectivity will be maintained even for long distance tasks like exterior digital signage or remote kiosk operation. For truly remote operation, the built in SIM card slot provides wireless control and operation anywhere there’s a cellular signal.