Embedded System Solutions

What Is An Embedded System?

Mainly understood by the industrial industry, embedded systems are computer systems intended to conduct one operation within a system. Whereas a conventional computer system is one that is used by the general public. Conventional computers cover a wide range of processes and uses (e.g. word processing, media editing, web browsing, and other general software). Embedded systems, as stated, are computers that control single task processes such as network controllers, home theaters, traffic lights and signs, factory manufacturing automation, vehicle automation, vehicle telemetries, medical processes, digital signage, point-of-sale and self-service terminals.

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Usually, embedded systems and computers utilize a small form factor footprint in order to easily position the system out of sight or integrate the system on a display. For applications such as a digital airport information display, our systems at Habey USA can easily fit behind a monitor, under a desk, and  inside a wall or ceiling.

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In addition to a small footprint, our systems are designed to be fanless utilizing the highly efficient ICEFIN designs, perfect for 24/7 operation. In short, fanless systems are generally more reliable & more efficient than systems that use fans. For more information on fanless systems, visit our Top 5 Fanless System Advantages.

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Each of our embedded systems are carefully tested to ensure the best quality.  Additionally, our engineering team can load custom BIOS, operating systems and images to fit your any specific application making our products easy to program and integrate into an existing system. Also, our manufacturing base can provide full custom options from chassis to programming.


Embedded Systems Solutions

Habey USA offers solutions to many markets and industry. Creating custom products to suit any of you or your company needs. From Digital Signage to Medical Technologies, Habey USA can supply you with the right equipment. Our goal is to provide the best quality products with maximum performance at affordable prices. For more information please feel free to contact us with any questions or inquiries.

  • Digital Signage – As one of the leading Industrial PC manufacturers, Habey has actively designed products to provide you with any digital signage solutions you may need.


  • POS / Self-Service Terminal – Habey’s ready-to-use fanless Point of Sale (POS) solutions make it easy to customize the way you do business.


  • Industrial Automation – From software, hardware, and systems, Habey has the products required to complete your industrial automation needs.


  • Transportation – From Digital Signage for arrivals/departures and ad displays to vehicle navigation and traffic management systems, Habey can provide you with solutions for any Intelligent Transportation System (ITS).
  • Network Security – To control, protect, and secure your information, Habey works with Intel to develop the most reliable and secure solutions.


  • Data Storage – Here at Habey, we can make everything about Data Storage easy for any application. We have server solutions for corporate industries, small business offices and even home networks.


  • Machine-To-Machine – Habey provides everything needed for seamless telemetry operations between M2M communication.


  • Medical Technology – From cloud-based medical records to bedside point of care monitoring terminals, Habey can supply hospitals and medical centers with the most reliable embedded medical technology systems offered today.