Core Competence

Habey USA Core Competence- Fanless PCs, Industrial PCs, Embeddede Systems


Having our own In-House Manufacturing facilities and Research and Development team, HABEY offers a wide range of products for any use. We have complete control over every step of production and determined to ensure all products manufactured meet strict quality control standards.

HABEY takes a practical approach towards the usage of our product’s life span. Our team is dedicated to provide your company with fully adaptable systems to avoid future compatibility issues. Additionally, we use an efficient process to ensure your purpose-built systems are fully optimized for your solutions.

Technology Capability

Precise Mechanical Design – HABEY/NORCO has the designing and manufacturing ability to provide optimized solution for our customers. Because we provide our customers with custom ODM & OEM solutions, HABEY/NORCO can quickly turn your concept or idea to affordable, quality products.

Custom System Design – HABEY/NORCO also can provide custom source
codes of BIOS to optimize our products for our customers. HABEY/NORCO uses these codes to maximize the reliability and compatibility for our customers’ systems.

Habey USA Core Competence- Fanless PCs, Industrial PCs, Embeddede Systems

Production Capacity

  • Manufacturing Base Space: 65,000 square meters
  • Manufacturing Staff: 250 persons, 90% of technician staff have a Bachelor’s Degree or higher
  • Outputs: motherboard 15K/month, Industrial Chassis and accessories 20K/month
  • Environment Compliance: Compliable RoHS requirements
  • Environment Honor: Shenzhen recycle economy Demonstration Unit

Intellectual Properties

NORCO is the Intellectual Properties copyright holder for many patents relating to the hardware, BIOS and chips level technologies.

  • 100 or more China National Patent yearly
  • 2007 Shenzhen Intellectual Property Prevailing company
  • Constant 3 years exclusive Letters Patent of Intellectual Property