Tried and True Just Got Better – The BIS-3922 Fanless ICEFIN System

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The BIS-3922 is an expanded Fanless 3rd Generation Intel Quad Core i7 Ivy Bridge System featuring Habey USA’s proprietary ICEFIN design. Improving our tried-and-true system, BIS-6922, the new BIS-3922 offers more I/O for even more applications and solutions. The BIS-3922 is designed to allow bottom access to a 3.5″ HDD bay, mSATA slot (mini-PCIE) and Read More »

Connected, but Protected?

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The FW-1042 is a Firewall or Network Security Gateway hardware platform designed to protect your connected devices and the IoT world you live in. It seems like every day there are more and more things we can connect to the internet. It started with computers, then mobile phones, smart phones, and now a connected toothbrush Read More »

Habey USA Kickstarts the HIO Wallpad, a Drop-in, Android Universal Controller

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LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – April 8th, 2014 – Just days after the announcement of the HIO Project, an open hardware project, Habey USA launches a Kickstarter campaign to fund the HIO Wallpad. The HIO Wallpad is a way to completely connect and control your entire home or office in one centralized easy-to-install unit. Running off the Read More »

Tastier than the Raspberry Pi – The HIO Project

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Tastier Than Four Raspberry Pis Post-it Sized, Lego-like 3D Expandable Freescale i.MX6 ARM Open Hardware Platform LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – April 7th, 2014 – HABEY USA, a leading manufacturer of embedded computer and a Freescale Connect Partner, announces The HIO Project, an open hardware project to enable developers and users to have access to an Read More »

Intel Releases Broadwell Linux GPU Drivers

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Intel Broadwell 14nm Linux Drivers

Though the Intel Broadwell processor won’t see a release date until 2014 as the Haswell predecessors, this didn’t stop Intel from providing GPU drivers to the masses. On November 3, 2013, Ben Widawsky of Intel’s Open-Source Technology Center the initial kernel driver support for Broadwell. The release consisted of 62 patches to the Linux kernel for enabling Read More »

Intel to Make ARM Chips

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intel arm

There have been multiple reports that confirm Intel will begin manufacturing ARM chips within the next year. The ARM chips will be a 64-bit quad-core ARM Cortex A53 processor for “ultra-high performance per watt,” one of the first manufactured ever. The chip will be built under Intel’s 14 nanometre manufacturing process. As a comparison, Intel’s Read More »

BIS-6764 Fanless System Thermal Report

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Open View of Habey USA BIS-6764 Fanless System with Intel 3rd Gen Ivy Bridge Dual-Core i3

This week, one of our Sales Engineers, Michael Newsham, conducted a thermal test of a Habey BIS-6764 Fanless System. This test determined the temperature of key system components within the system when using the proprietary Habey thermal solution for fanless i3 and i5 systems, measuring Chassis surface temperatures on the top, left, and right side Read More »

Performance & Graphics? Together? : The EMB-3700

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Introducing the new EMB-3700, a new AMD Embedded G-Series System-on-Chip. Integrated with an embedded Radeon HD 8000 series Graphics Controller, this board has full support for DirectX 11.1, Open GL 4.2x & Open CL 1.2. The new boards also have low power consumption at an average of 15W with an industrial temperature range of -40°F Read More »

What is ICEFIN?

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Habey Fanless Computer ICEFIN Technology

In the embedded community, usually the computers and systems that run industrial processes are fanless in order to fit in non-conventional areas. At Habey USA, we wanted to make the most efficient fanless system. With different designs from our Research and Development center, we have come up with a couple different fanless systems and chassis Read More »

Fanless Intel Core i7 Ivy Bridge Systems

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We all know Intel’s Sandy & Ivy Bridge Core Processors are fast and efficient little processors. Why not make them give them a good home in a fanless system? Habey USA did. When you need a rugged fanless system, our custom enclosures have got you covered. Our fanless BIS-6764, PRO-6820, & BIS-6922 each have their Read More »

Intel Atom Rangeley Processors

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Intel Atom Rangeley. Low power soc processor

Announced earlier in the year, Intel has finally released their low-power Atom Rangeley chips. For those of you looking for more information for Rangeley chips, hopefully we can outline both the barebones chip and Habey board. As a quick description of what is to expect from the Rangeley chip, it is a Low-Power, 8-core, networking Read More »

Five Fantastic Features of Fanless Computers

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The use of computers in commercial applications has skyrocketed in the last decade. To this day, more and more businesses are incorporating some sort of computer to their business. There is just one problem, they’re using old fashioned fan-cooled desktop boxes. Many people don’t know of the benefits of using a fanless computer. First we Read More »

Long Life Cycle Embedded Systems & The Test of Time

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Long Life Cycle Embedded Systems

Why Would You Need Long Life Cycle Products? In the embedded world, systems are usually used for somewhat simple tasks. When looking for an embedded computer, businesses and home-users often look for the best performing, reliable and most cost efficient systems. Some common applications for our systems include Digital Signage, Interactive Intelligent Terminal Kiosks, Data Read More »

Is AMD Coming Back? – AMD G-Series SoC Platforms

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AMD G-Series SoC Currently at Habey, we are looking into diversifying our options for our customers. We are starting to include AMD and ARM processors into our product lines. One of the newer boards coming out soon is the EMB-3700. The EMB-3700 G-Series is a 3.5 Inch Embedded Board powered by an AMD G-Series SoC Read More »

Tick Tock – Its Time for a New Generation – Intel Haswell Chips

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Intel Haswell Processors You may have heard from other sources, but there is some exciting news for Intel’s new “Haswell” chips. Coming in early June, the new chips have a lot of improvements for a faster, leaner, & efficient user experience.  Though the 4th Generation processors are “tock” processors, they are essentially an intense redux of the Read More »

Intel’s vPro Technology – Strengthening Your Network

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Intel vPro Technology

Intel vPro Technology Today, some businesses that are growing exponentially require more office branches and more sales and support staff., increasing the number of desktops and laptops needed for the enterprise. This increases costs for not only the systems, but IT management support. Intel’s vPro Technology helps to lower overall operating costs and helps to Read More »

Opportunities in Intelligent Interactive Terminals

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Habey USA | OPPORTUNITIES IN INTELLIGENT INTERACTIVE TERMINALS - Fanless Computers, Fanless PCs, Embedded Industrial Computers, Digital Signage, Data Storage

Shifting into a more productive, mobile future, companies like Microsoft, Intel and Google are trying to figure out ways to optimize their programs and make their products more compact. Advantages for enterprise & regular consumer are endless once these systems start to roll out into the market. Whether it be tablets, tablet computers, ultra-books, small Read More »

Why Do I Need To Go Fanless?

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Habey USA | Top 5 Reasons to go Fanless

It seems like everyday there is a newer, smaller, faster computer or device that is released making the device or computer you own seem dated. Here at Habey USA we are trying to make you feel a little bit better and supply your home or business with new, small, fast computers. Not only will the Read More »

Intel’s Integrated HD Graphics 4000 Gets 10% Faster

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Intel Ivy Bridge i7

Intel recently released a new driver for it’s Ivy Bridge processors with the Integrated HD Graphics 4000 GPU. The new drivers allow the GPU to perform up to 10% better and faster boosting video performance of games and HD playback while also lowering overall power consumption. Intel also states that the new drivers will include support for Read More »