Career Opportunities

Position: Embedded Application Engineer

  • Utilize industrial and system engineering, computer engineering, and automatic control engineering in the coordination and integration among employer’s R&D, manufacturing, customers, technology partners and manufacturing partners to work on embedded system OEM projects to ensure the best quality of Industrial PCs (IPC).
  • Communicate with customer’s engineers about product requirements, technological specifications, prototype build, feedback of our products, and other engineering issues.
  • Analyze engineering design proposals, specifications, manuals, blueprints, and other data provided by customers to ensure the accurate understanding of technical requirements of IPC.
  • Communicate with employer’s R&D and manufacturing engineers in China about technical requirements, product improvement, design change and quality control.
  • Optimize the factors affecting product quality and performance of media stream server and digital signage player, both hardware and software by using DOE (design of experiment) method.
  • Prepare proposals and other engineering documents and attend engineering meetings with customers to present employer’s products and services.
  • Contribute in the design and development of new embedded and industrial products with R&D department to implement customer’s requirements and trend of market.
  • Receive samples and data from China and submit to customers in the U.S. for approval.
  • Coordinate with quality engineers to ensure products meet engineering design requirements and performance specifications.
  • Coordinate with our engineers and plant managers in China to address customer’s complaint.
  • Support marketing and sales personnel with technical information to be used in negotiations and cost estimates.
  • Provide pre and post-sales technical support.
  • Participate in Production-Design-Cost-Estimates review meeting.
  • Respond to industrial partners and customers’ technical questions.
  • Update sales representatives with current IPC knowledge.
  • Study the integrated circuit (IC) industrial and standard process for PCB (print circuit board) manufacturing.
  • Make proposals regarding the feasibility of optional design and manufacturing process.
  • Evaluate current or emerging technologies to analyze trends affecting future design, cost, production and services.
  • Assist in the establishment for plans and strategies to expand employer’s customer base in the United States.
  • Report progress, issues and customer’s feedback to management.
  • Document and maintain engineering and sales/cost/profit analysis records.

Requirement: Related degree and experience.

Job Location: Walnut, California