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Issue Date: 11/8/12
The Clear Winner: Windows 8 on HABEY Fanless Ivy Bridge Quad Core i7 BIS-6922 Computer
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LOS ANGELES – November 8th , 2012
HABEY USA, a leading manufacturer of embedded computers and an Associate member of the Intel Intelligent Systems Alliance, introduces its latest fanless embedded BIS-6922 Quad Core i7 Fanless Systemcomputer; the BIS-6922. It is a passive cooling small form factor PC utilizing Intel's 3rd generation Ivy Bridge processors including the Quad Core i7 mobile and embedded CPUs. Using Intel's integrated HD Graphic 4000 with DirectX 11 capability and Intel Quick Sync Video hardware video encoding and decoding support, this system is ideal for any processor and/or media-intensive applications. The fanless BIS-6922 supports Core i5 and i7 processors with Intel vPro technology which enables features like Intel Active Management Technology, Trusted Execution Technology, Virtualization Technology for secure and centralized remote management capabilities. That being said, the dual Intel ethernet ports also make it a great choice as a network or network security appliance. Habey’s proprietary ICEFIN™ design ensures maximum heat dissipation and a true fanless system. In addition, there are no vent holes to further extend the life of the system by protecting the system from dust build up. Built with the Intel QM77 chipset, this system is not only compatible with the 3rd generation Ivy Bridge Core processors, but is also compatible with 2nd generation Sandy Bridge Core processors and QM67 chipset options. Whatever the application, be it automation, digital signage, network security, point of sale, transportation or even digital surveillance, this high performance fanlesss Intel 3rd Gen Quad-Core i7 Ivy Bridge Dual NIC system is designed to be reliable, secure and easy to manage. Click Here for pricing or questions.

Video Demonstration
In this demonstration Habey USA runs Windows 8 on the BIS-6922 with Core i7-3740QM Quad core 3rd Gen Ivy Bridge Fanless System. The video shows the graphics performance using a demo provided by the Windows Presentation Foundation or (WPF). The parameters of the test are two independent displays at full 1080p HD resolution. Industry standards dictate that the ideal capable system should have two full HD WPF video renderings running simultaneously and complete the video clip in 15 seconds. Additionally, the video performance is futher displayed when rendering a full 1080p HD video clip using Intel's Quick Sync, which helps siginificantly in encoding and decoding video. The results show that using Quick Sync produced a higher quality export almost four times faster than the time of a non-accellerated export profile. Even after these CPU and graphic intensive tests, the fanless ICEFIN™ was well within normal operating temperatures.
Product Features
  • Highly Efficient Propriety ICEFIN™ Fanless Design
  • Vent-Hole Free Construction For Dust Resistance
  • QM77 Chipset Supports 3rd Generation Intel® Core™ I5/I7 Processors
  • Dual Mini-PCIe Expansion with Sim Socket For Wifi And 3G/4G Modules
  • External HDMI + DVI-D + VGA Ports Support Dual Display Configurations
  • Ivy Bridge Processors Supporting Intel ® AMT Release 8.0

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    Windows 8 & BIS-6922 Video Performance
    BIS-6922 Rear I/O

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